TekAdvisor is closed

I know this might not be the page you are looking for, but I’ve decided to take the site down.

Why not just keep the site up?

In short: because most of the site (even the blog) is data driven, and without constant attention, it degrades into uselessness.

Since I haven’t been entering new computer models in the database to replace the old ones which have disappeared from stores, the algorithms at the core of the site are starting to starve in a way. This means fewer recommendations for my visitors and without pertinent hardware to look at, even software pages have a hard time determining compatibility specs.

Looking back

The site has been in operation from December 2014 to October 2023 striving to provide calm, helpful advice which requires no technology acumen and is immediately applicable. The site’s been through several pivots to better serve its visitors and I even ran a weekly newsletter, accompanied by a YouTube channel, Live streams, and social media accounts. I’ve learned a lot in the process and despite the unsustainability of the project, I have to say I’ve enjoyed most of it.


Thank you for dropping by, sorry I couldn’t be more helpful at this point. To all of you who visited the site during the years, I hope I’ve managed to improve your shopping process and that you’re still enjoying the products you ended up buying.