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Can using TekAdvisor be that simple??

You bet it is!

TekAdvisor simplifies the computer/tablet/smartphone shopping experience by boiling down technical terms into easy-to-understand star ratings and assessing your actual needs and by providing you with a list of suitable options from reputable retailers and manufacturers.

Since I am not a retailer, you won't be buying anything from me; I will be referring you to someone who's currently selling the gadgets you need; I will even help you find who currently has the best price.

I couldn't possibly acquire and test every computer model out there, but I only recommend products that I have thoroughly researched and feel could deliver value to you.

My Background

me and one of my dogs

I have worked with computers my whole life: I've produced graphics and animation for print, television, and the internet. I edited videos and photos, contributed to the creation of videogames and programmed for the web. I also spent some time doing tech support; maintaining workstations, networks, and servers.

In my journey, I've spent extensive time on PCs, Macs, iPhones/iPads and Android devices. (I even use Linux on a few of my home computers.) and appreciate each of them for what they have to offer.

So, you could say I've done or helped do pretty much everything there is to do with a computer.

Diversity in technology is a beautiful thing to me, and I can get excited by a $2000+ gaming rig or by a $200 Chromebook. At the end of the day, there are very few bad smart devices, but each of them caters to specific needs.

That's why I use the term "matchmaking" when describing the purpose of TekAdvisor. My goal is to match you up to a compatible computer, tablet or smartphone.

Product Curation stems from a collection of devices I've selected; the goal here is to help visitors in their search by avoiding products which could be troublesome because of bundled malware or flimsy construction.

Hardware a.k.a. Computers, Laptops, Consoles, etc.

I pick products available from reliable local and online retailers and start researching their components and construction. If I feel confident recommending a device, I add it to the database, including links to retailers where the device can currently be purchased from.

TekAdvisor's algorithms then go to work to help compare the device's capabilities to similar products and over time, helps me track its availability and pricing.

To better advise on devices representative of Canadian stores' inventory, I do not limit myself to devices I've got hands-on experience with. Instead, I work from my own experience in addition to all the documentation I can get my hands on concerning the products listed on my site, including experts' hands-on reviews, benchmarks and maintenance manuals.

Nobody's supplying me with review units, and when I do get hands-on experience with hardware, I pay for it from my pocket.

Software a.k.a. Programs, Apps, Games, etc.

My coverage of software on TekAdvisor is superficial compared to hardware. The software documented on the site is there to answer the question "Is Hardware X compatible with Software Y?".

As for hardware, I use available documentation to determine compatibility; not hands-on experience. I do not receive review codes from developers and do not currently have a lab extensive enough to benchmark performance on relevant hardware.

Why am I doing this?

Helping people with their technology purchases has always been a hobby of mine, so building a website on the subject sounded like the natural thing to do.

I aim to improve your tech shopping experience and to help you chose better-suited devices you will enjoy using.

While working on this site, I always strive to provide Calm, Helpful Advice which Requires No Technology Acumen and is Immediately Applicable.

Where does the money come from?

Well, in short, the money comes from 2 different vectors: referral commisions and advertising. Here's how those work:

Referral Commissions

When presented with recommendations picked from TekAdvisor's curated database of products, should you decide to click on the link and buy from the proposed sites, I might end up receiving a small commission. However, rest assured that clicking on the provided links comes at no cost to you and that the price of the computers, tablets, and smartphones pre-selected for you won’t go up as a result.

The small commisions I get from affiliate retailers and manufacturers help me better serve you, and for that reason, I am privileged and grateful. Thank you!


I do not want to focus on products which are sold online or from retailers with an affiliate program. Advertising supports me when, for instance, you're using TekAdvisor on your phone from your local store and try to figure out if you're about to make a good purchase or not. It also helps me when I'm creating content not directly recommending specific products.

I understand you might be annoyed by ads online and could be using an ad blocker, but if you decide to whitelist my site, I promise not to abuse the privilege.

Other ways you can help me (financially or not)

If you've found TekAdvisor useful and would like to help me keep at it, I've built a list of ways to show support for TekAdvisor. Most of those suggestions don't cost you a thing (a few even pay you!), and they help a lot!

Thanks, in advance, you rock!


I make extra efforts to provide this service transparently while collecting as little personal information as possible. Here's my detailed privacy policy for this site.

Thanks for using TekAdvisor, and let me know if you have any question.