Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Release Date 2017-10-24
Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo

Animal Crossing is a series of social simulation video games in which players customize their avatars' living spaces and communities by trading materials and favors for decorative items. In Pocket Camp, the player decorates a campsite in lieu of a town, and gathers materials such as wood and cotton from the surrounding area to trade for furniture orders. The player-character befriends neighboring animal characters, who can visit the player's campsite, as can other human players both invited and at random. The player's avatar can travel to multiple locations, such as Sunburst Island or Saltwater Shores, and a marketplace that sells furniture and avatar clothing. The player's customization options extend to their avatar's sex, facial traits, and recreational vehicle abode.

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City/Colony Management, Life, Simulation


3D, 3rd Person, Building Interactions, Crafting, Creative, Customizable Player Character, Cute, DRM: Online Connection Required, Decoration, Dialogue, Friendship Sim, Micro-Transaction, Missions and Quests, Modern Setting, Non-Linear, Open-Ended, Overhead View, Real-Time Waiting, Relaxing, Scavenging & Gathering, Simulation, Single-Player, Stylized, Theme Park

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