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As much as I like algorithms, nothing replaces the human touch. That is why I send my personal picks in the newsletter every Friday, and below, you will find which systems caught my eye the most.

Guillaume's top Picks US$290 - US$290

The following stood up to me repeatedly as gadgets I'd buy myself.

  • #2, Tablets (under $400)
    Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet (2019) Guillaume's pick; 27 times!

    Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet (2019) from US$160;
    ~$290 with accessories

    Device Ratings

    by Tablets standards

    Bang for the Buck3/5
    Versatility for the Price4/5

    by All Smart Devices standards

    Bang for the Buck0.5/5
    Versatility for the Price4.5/5

    by Large Tablets standards

    Bang for the Buck2.5/5
    Versatility for the Price4/5
    Processor: MediaTek MT8183
    Graphics: ARM Mali-G72
    Memory: 2.00 GB
    Storage: 32.00 GB
    Screen Size: 10.1"
    Screen Resolution: 1920×1200
    Dimensions: 26.20 x 15.90 x 0.98 cm
    Weight: 0.504 kg

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