Best Value for Mice and Pointers

If you're all about getting the most out of your investments, this is the place. From all the Mice and Pointers I've indexed, those currently have the best balance between power, affordability and durability.

If you can't invest this much, scroll down to the budget section for best value at below-average prices.

For more details on the differences between the best Discounts, best Deals and best Value palmarès and which is best for you, feel free to give Sales Shopping vs. Value Shopping a read.

Best bang for the buck across the board US$230 - US$250

The following mice and pointers offer the best value. Value is determined by balancing 3 main considerations:

  • how much it costs
  • how powerful it is
  • how long it will likely last

Best bang for the buck under $300

Need something cheaper? No worries, here are the best performing options for mice and pointers priced below average.

There might be some overlap with the list above, but everything down here is considered budget-friendly.

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Had a specific budget in mind?

The typical price for mice and pointers is $85.00 but you can set a budget below:

Looking for something else?

Mice and Pointers can also be compared based on the following characteristics:

I also have value ranking for:

This list fluctuates constantly as I add new devices, retire old ones or when they go on sale so go ahead: bookmark this page and come back often.