Best Laptops by Scenario

Best Laptops by Scenario

Looking for the best laptop of 2019? Well, you're at the right place. Over the years, I've compiled detailed records of laptops I would consider for my own use in the right situation and let TekAdvisor's algorithms rank and compare them. Everything on this site is sold on the Canadian market right now, and pricing and availability are updated daily. That way, I hope to save you the frustration of realizing the laptop your heart was set on is entirely out of reach.

Of course, there's no such thing as a perfect one-size-fits-all laptop, so I've broken this guide down into typical usage scenarios.

Best Value on a Budget

For those times when you need some mobility, but can't invest much in a laptop. This is a particularly practical strategy if you already have a reliable stationary computer on hand and just need to do a bit of computing away from your desk.

More Budget-Friendly Recommendations

Best Bang for your Bucks

This selection is all about getting the most out of your investment without investing in a specialized laptop.

Laptops to get the most out of your investment

Best Travel Companion

If you spend your day on the road or dashing from one meeting to the next, you need a laptop which is sturdy, light and compact with a great battery life because you can't count on having a power outlet handy.

Laptops for specific types of Travelers

Best for Creativity away from the Desk

Not all work done on a computer involves text and numbers. If you draw, compose music, animate, edit photos or even videos, you will likely need a laptop with a bit more oomph.

Laptops for specific Creative Types

Best Laptops for Gamers away from Home

For intense interactive entertainment or other power-hungry applications. These are the luxury sports cars of laptops, but they tend to be heavier, thicker and have little battery autonomy compared to lesser portables. Some mobility is better than none, however; just make sure you know where the nearest power outlet is.

Laptops for specific types of Gamers

Best Laptops for Students

A student's needs can vary depending on academic level and field of study, but there's one constant: most spend their day on the run and most often than not, relying on the presence of a power outlet is a risky proposition.

Gaming on a Student Laptop...

You might be tempted to go for something with some gaming chops. I get that; but given your need for mobility, I would usually recommend keeping entertainment to your room where gaming is going to be much more comfortable anyway. My personal picks would either be a compact gaming computer (you could even hook it up to a television to save space) or a game console

Besides, having a 2nd computer for those times where your laptop is out of commission (a pretty common situation among students I've known) is a much better Plan B than relying on communal computers.

Laptops for specific types of Students and Mobile Workers

Other Usage Scenarios worth Mentioning

Didn't recognize yourself in the scenarios above? I've got more archetypes below:

Know someone who's shopping for a laptop?

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