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Black Friday Tech Guide

Black Friday can sometimes can measure up to the hype.

Canadian Black Friday may pale compared to its US counterpart. Still, it remains an abundant source of rebates and excitement, and the event extends into the neighbouring weeks. It is an important day for all deal hunters out there.

This year, Black Friday takes place on Friday, November 24th.

How are we faring so far?

Before we start comparing specific products, let’s take a look at the market’s pulse. Here’s a comparison of how this year’s rebates are evolving compared to the same period last year:

This graph helps visualize how abundant and how generous (on average) rebates are at any given date. I shifted 2022's dates so that they would line up with this year's Black Friday.

Getting a good deal when quantity is high is usually easier, while savings on days of high generosity tend to be more substantial. With that said, keep in mind that the computers you're interested in could go on sale at a different time.

Recommendations by Scenario

If you were to go shopping right now, the following products would probably be among my top recommendations.

For Typical Homework, Web Searches, etc.

The following will cover everyday needs with ease while offering the best value.

For Creative Experimentation

Working on a picture, a piece of music or a video is more demanding of a computer than text and numbers. The following will let you experiment more freely with digital art.

Would you Rater have Something Portable?

Laptops might sacrifice comfort and life expectancy for portability, but they're ideal if you can't dedicate space to a computer at home or if your activities often take place away from your desk.


Video Games get rather popular during the holiday season and here is a selection of Gaming Hardware for the computer desk, the living room and beyond.

Gaming Desktop PCs

With the option to upgrade your video card, it's much easier to keep gaming on a PC beyond the three years mark.

Gaming Laptops

If you often play games away from your desk or can't dedicate a spot for your gaming rig, the following laptops could be worth a look.

Are you more of a Console Gamer?

If you're not a just PC Gamer and would rather play on a couch with a controller, a console is a natural fit. (even if hey're not always the most economical in the long run)

Those are not the most powerful gaming PCs out there but will help relieve stress. Need more power? The following pages could come in handy.