My Experience with Amazon

Amazon plays a unique role here on TekAdvisor. Sure, I take part in Amazon's Associates Program, which means I can earn from qualifying purchases from my visitors. Beyond that, however, Amazon's also been my go-to supplier for quite a few necessities, some of them being tech-related. For instance, the following items come in handy quite regularly:

Other Amazon Services

Amazon has grown a lot since its beginnings as an online Book Store and many of their extra services come as included perks for Prime Members. Below are the services I've personally used, even though there are many more.

Amazon Prime

I am an Amazon Prime Subscriber, and it's been quite handy. Since I work from home and do not have access to a car most days, getting things delivered's been quite convenient. On top of that, getting free delivery on smaller orders saved me hours of scouring the site for small purchases necessary to "top off" my order.

A free version of the service also exists for students but doesn't include other perks like Prime Video.

Prime Video

I would not qualify Amazon Video as an alternative to Netflix; the variety isn't quite there, especially in Canada. Still, we're alternating between the two streaming services over here. We're pretty big on TV Series, and we've enjoyed Fleabag, 12 Monkeys and Parks and Recreation on the platform.

The service offers a free 30 days trial if you want to get a sense of what Prime Video has to offer.

Twitch Prime

Another Prime perk I've used is on twitch, where I get to subscribe to one streamer for free. Sadly, the prime perk used to get rid of advertisement across the whole platform, but now it's restricted to channels to which I have subscribed that month. There are also free games and game contents associated with a Prime membership, but so far, nothing convinced me to install yet another launcher on my PC.

Subscribe & Save

This service's not linked to the Prime membership, but it's been handy to keep some home supplies stocked at a reasonable price. In my case, this mostly means laundry detergent and low-carb treats. There are some electronics-related like ink cartridges, but I do not use those with enough regularity to make the program worth it for me.

How does the subscription service work? You decide at which frequency you want an eligible item delivered and near the end of the month, you get an email allowing you to adjust your subscriptions as needed. For instance, don't need to buy detergent that month? You can delay it's delivery to the next month. Savings depend on how many items you get as a part of this program. It's possible to save up to 15%, but I haven't managed to go past the base 5% savings myself.

Thank you for your Time, and How you can Help Me.

I hope my story's given you some perspective regarding Amazon's offers in Canada. As I mentioned earlier, I get rewarded when my visitors click on Amazon links (without costing you anything extra) and make a purchase there. The money's nice, but by maintaining a certain level of performance, I also get access to tools which significantly simplifies the process of keeping this site updated daily.

So I'm immensely grateful to anyone who decides to help me this way; the time I save thanks to you can go towards making even better.