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As I needed to simplify things on myself, I decided to stop streaming and focus on better content based on my audience's needs and interest. I had fun streaming, however, so I will keep at it casually; and with content which will likely differ quite a bit from the content here on this site. The original article can be found below for archival reasons, mostly.

Feel free to take a look at Social Media accounts if you wish to interact with me publicly or privately.

I broadcast at least once a week to review my picks from the latest offers at Canadian retailers. Please drop by and ask any question you might have before making a purchase. Consider those my open office hours.

I do not currently have a well-defined streaming schedule, but if the trend continues, I'll be streaming at the following times:

approx. time in your timezone
Next Saturday Stream

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I alternate streaming platforms each week, that way I can connect with my audience on their platform of choice. So your best bet is to follow me on your favourite social network (I do include Youtube and Twitch in that definition), watch the stream whenever you get a chance and hop into the chat! I'll be happy to talk about your plans for the weekend and how I can help you find the right computer, tablet or smartphone.