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Value, now affected by devices' foreseeable longevity

Every computer gets obsolete over time, but not all age at the same age.

One important (but boring) consideration when shopping for technology is: how long will this last me? So, I decided to add longevity to the factors used to determine a gadget's value rating.

Electronics and their lifespan

It's no secret that gadgets grow old fast. However, some computers* have a higher tolerance to the ravages of time. That longevity can be stretched even further if the device is easy to repair and upgrade.

Gadget longevity and how it's used on this site

I've been collecting data on this topic for a few weeks now, to the point where the site's now got a rough idea of how long a computer can last. The first interesting use of this data on TekAdvisor is to determine a device's value rating.

As more data is collected, I also hope to use it for other considerations such as determining a computer's eco-friendliness.

I hope this will come in handy next time you go tech shopping,