Last Week on TekAdvisor (July 14th, 2019)

So, how did your week go? Here, on TekAdvisor, I had to work on a few back-end systems, but I still managed to start growing my list of recommended devices and I've also been working on listing alternatives to the Adobe Creative Suite; because as much as I'd like to work with Adobe products again (I miss you most of all, Illustrator...), I can't afford it, and I'm sadly not alone in this situation.

New Releases

A few Indie Games launched this week, including Streets of Rogue after years in early access.

Thursday, Jul 11th

  • Eagle Island, ~C$23, (Enthusiast Game for Linux, Mac OS X, Nintendo Switch, Windows)
  • Blazing Chrome, ~C$20, (Enthusiast Game for Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Windows, Xbox One)

Friday, Jul 12th

  • Streets of Rogue, ~C$17, (Enthusiast Game for Linux, Mac OS X, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Windows, Xbox One)

Freshly Updated Software

As I said, I've managed to add a few creative programs to the database but I also kept an eye on upcoming titles. On the AAA front, we have a couple Wolfenstein games coming up, Young Blood being the most likely to ve on your radar. Sadly, it's pretty common for Developer to start taking pre-orders before they've even determined what kind of rig you'll need to run them. As a result, I'm still waiting on several notable titles such as Cyberpunk 2077.

Thankfully, I do have the details I need for Killsquad which releases this week, also caught up on a few new titles and ports.

  • Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Free!, (upcoming Triple-A Video Game for Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Windows, Xbox One)
  • Kdenlive, Free!, (Video Editing for Linux, Windows)
  • Star Traders: Frontiers, ~C$10, (upcoming Enthusiast Game for Android, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, iOS)
  • Cultist Simulator, ~C$10, (Video Game for Android, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, iOS)
  • FireAlpaca, Free!, (Drawing and Illustration for Mac OS X, Windows)
  • Killsquad, Unknown Price, (upcoming Enthusiast Game for Windows)
  • Photopea, Unknown Price, (Photo Editing for Android, Chrome OS, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, iOS)

Freshly Rated Hardware

I've noticed a raised interest in Gaming this week on the site, so I have a few additional gaming laptops to recommend. And despite the new generation of gaming consoles being imminent, the diskless version of the Xbox One S appeals to gamers less likely to drop off the platform quickly when the new generation hits, so I still added it to the database.

Have a Great Week!

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