Last Week on TekAdvisor (September 2nd, 2019)

Hi everyone! How was your week? Here, on TekAdvisor, I've focused my efforts on growing the database (as you'll see from the list below) as back-to-school sales are going stronger than ever.

Still, I've managed to make the device pages a bit more useful: if you scroll to the bottom of a device page; TekAdvisor now recommends similarly-priced alternatives of the same type. Hopefully, this will make it even easier for my visitors to find what they need. This section used to only care about the price; it would compare phones to laptops, consoles, desk chairs and desktop PCs all at once. I think the new way of comparing devices will prove more useful in the end.

New Releases

Tuesday, Aug 27th

  • Control, ~C$80, (Triple-A Video Game for Playstation 4, Windows, Xbox One)

Freshly Updated Software

Freshly Rated Hardware

Have a Great Week!

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