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Last Week on TekAdvisor (November 11th, 2019)

Hi everyone, how was your remembrance day weekend?

Last week, on TekAdvisor, things were rather productive. One new feature you might have noticed; TekAdvisor now displays a device's rank (based on bang for the buck) within its price bracket. I'll be improving the way price brackets are determined, but in most cases, I already think it's a promising tool to help compare your options.

I also worked on the Gaming System Guide, adding a few console exclusives to the database to complete the comparison table.

And on top of that, I've managed to build up the software and hardware database a bit:

New Releases

Tuesday, Nov 5th

  • Planet Zoo, ~C$52, (Enthusiast Game for Windows)

Friday, Nov 8th

Freshly Updated Software

Freshly Rated Hardware

Have a Great Week!

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