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Nintendo Switch Lite (HDH-001)

Nintendo Switch Lite (HDH-001)

This smaller version of the Nintendo Switch is dedicated to mobile gaming. So you do lose the option to connect this version of the console to the TV or to detach the controller, but it results in a lighter, more portable game console capable of running almost every Nintendo Switch titles at a lower cost.

This version of the switch which, in effect, cannot "switch" might be less versatile, but could be a worthwhile option if you only plan to play your switch on the go.

Other Considerations

Here are a few things about this Tablet which could come as a surprise. For each point, you will find how to fix it (if it's an issue) and how much to budget for it. Not every point below will be a concern, but hopefully, we can keep your surprises to a minimum.

Protective Case. Some people get a protective case for their Tablet. It can be a matter of personalization or protection, but if you get a case, try to get one which doesn't make drops more likely.$20+

Assuming you are starting over fresh, you can expect to spend $90 on accessories, for a total cost of $350.

Who it's For

  • Gamer

Compared to other Tablets

Bang for the Buck100th percentile
Versatility100th percentile
Power (General Purpose)100th percentile
Power (Graphical)100th percentile
Power (Large Files & Multitasking)100th percentile
Storage Space50th percentile
Portability100th percentile
Battery Autonomy50th percentile
Ease of Maintenance100th percentile
Longevity100th percentile

Compared Overall

Bang for the Buck18th percentile
Versatility73th percentile
Power (General Purpose)18th percentile
Power (Graphical)18th percentile
Power (Large Files & Multitasking)18th percentile
Storage Space9th percentile
Portability100th percentile
Battery Autonomy29th percentile
Ease of Maintenance100th percentile
Longevity18th percentile



5.5", 1280×720 (WXGA, 720p, 0.9MP), 267.02 PPI, Touch Screen

Operating System

Nintendo Switch


Nvidia Tegra X1, 8 cores clocked from 1.3 to 1.9 GHz


Nvidia Maxwell 256


4 GB


32 GB total, Media Card Reader

Forseeable Obsolescence

in 9 days


13.6Wh, 3570mAh

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions (cm): w9.14 × d20.83 × h1.4

Dimensions (in): w3.6 × d8.2 × h0.55

Weight (kg): 0.277

Weight (lbs.): 0.61


  • Analog Controls
  • Built-in Media Card Reader
  • Touch Screen
  • USB Type-C
  • 3.5mm Headphone+Microphone combo jack
  • Built-in Speakers
  • Bluetooth 4
  • NFC (Near Field Communication)
  • Wi-Fi a
  • Wi-Fi b
  • Wi-Fi g
  • Wi-Fi n
  • Wi-Fi ac

Maintenance and Upgrades

Commonly Replaced Components

Battery: A specialist might be able to help you

Local Storage: Can be extended but not replaced

Memory: Can't be repaired or updated

GPU: Can't be repaired or updated

Additional Ressources

Software Compatibility

Here's how you can expect this tablet to fare with popular software based on developpers specified system requirements. For reference, a 1-star rating means minimal requirements are met and a 3-stars rating means recommended specs are met. Ratings beyond the 3-stars point could be advisable for uncommon scenarios like modding, working with very large and complex documents, etc.

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