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LG 8x External DVD Writer (GP65NB60)

LG 8x External DVD Writer (GP65NB60)

From LG, here's a external optical drive to help complete your gadget collection.

Compared to other External Optical Drives

Bang for the Buck100th percentile
Versatility100th percentile
Power (General Purpose)0th percentile
Power (Graphical)0th percentile
Power (Large Files & Multitasking)100th percentile
Storage Space100th percentile
Portability100th percentile
Longevity100th percentile


Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions (cm): w13.7 × d14.1 × h1.4

Dimensions (in): w5.39 × d5.55 × h0.55

Weight (kg): 0.2

Weight (lbs.): 0.44


  • DVD
  • USB 2
  • USB 3
  • USB Type-A

Maintenance and Upgrades

I do not have much insight to offer regarding this product.

Additional Ressources

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Typically sells for C$59.