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Acer 14-inch Chromebook 314 (CB314-1H-C1S4)

Acer 14-inch Chromebook 314 (CB314-1H-C1S4)

This Chromebook has a larger screen, helping readability without compromising ease of transportation too much.

Other Considerations

Here are a few things about this Netbook which could come as a surprise. For each point, you will find how to fix it (if it's an issue) and how much to budget for it. Not every point below will be a concern, but hopefully, we can keep your surprises to a minimum.

Limited Workspace. The included screen has a lower resolution than the typical TV or computer monitor. This could hinder your ability to multi-task, especially if you work with multiple windows at once. On the plus side, things will tend to be displayed larger on screen if your eyesight is challenging.
This is easy to fix on a desk by connecting to an external monitor, but hard to address anywhere else.

Set Expiration Date. This Netbook will cease to receive updates from Google after June 1st, 2026, making it more vulnerable to new threats past this date. If you're adventurous, some users have been able to turn their Chromebooks into Linux machines before, but it does require a bit of extra know-how, and most people will likely want to look for a replacement past this point.
Every tech company declares its products obsolete and stop supporting them eventually; Google mostly differs by setting this date long in advance instead of notifying us after the fact. Still, this information should play a role in your decision, especially if you're considering buying an older model.

Assuming you are starting over fresh, you can expect to spend $20 on accessories, for a total cost of $370.

Who it's For

  • Casual Worker

Compared to other Netbooks

Bang for the Buck89th percentile
Versatility58th percentile
Power (General Purpose)68th percentile
Power (Graphical)66th percentile
Power (Large Files & Multitasking)90th percentile
Storage Space42th percentile
Portability1th percentile
Battery Autonomy42th percentile
Longevity91th percentile

Compared Overall

Bang for the Buck43th percentile
Versatility89th percentile
Power (General Purpose)10th percentile
Power (Graphical)10th percentile
Power (Large Files & Multitasking)19th percentile
Storage Space10th percentile
Portability0th percentile
Battery Autonomy60th percentile
Longevity54th percentile



14", 1366×786 (1366 × 786, 1.1MP), Multiple Monitor Support

Operating System

Linux, Chrome OS, Android (Chrome OS)


Intel Celeron N4000, 2 cores clocked from 1.1 to 2.6 GHz


Intel UHD Graphics 600


4 GB


32 GB total, Media Card Reader, eMMC Storage (slow)

Forseeable Obsolescence

in 4 years


48Wh, 4450mAh

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions (cm): w325.4 × d232 × h19.7

Dimensions (in): w128.11 × d589.28 × h50.04

Weight (kg): 1.7

Weight (lbs.): 3.75


  • External Power Brick
  • Built-in Media Card Reader
  • Fixed storage: eMMC Storage (slow)
  • Webcam / Front-Facing Camera / Selfie Cam
  • Multiple Monitor Support
  • USB Type-C
  • USB 3.1
  • USB Type-A
  • Built-In Keyboard
  • 3.5mm Headphone+Microphone combo jack
  • Built-in Microphone
  • Built-in Speakers
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi a
  • Wi-Fi b
  • Wi-Fi g
  • Wi-Fi n
  • Wi-Fi ac

Maintenance and Upgrades

I do not have much insight to offer regarding this product.

Additional Ressources

Software Compatibility

Here's how you can expect this netbook to fare with popular software based on developpers specified system requirements. For reference, a 1-star rating means minimal requirements are met and a 3-stars rating means recommended specs are met. Ratings beyond the 3-stars point could be advisable for uncommon scenarios like modding, working with very large and complex documents, etc.

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