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Laptops for the Casual Nomad

Laptops are the kings of versatility. Fully-featured to handle the same tasks as full-sized computers and yet small enough to carry around.

To achieve this, several compromises had to be made. You usually get less for your money with a laptop but if you need to work out of the house, a laptop is your best bet.

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Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro 15-inch laptop (NP950XED-KA1CA)

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro 15-inch laptop (NP950XED-KA1CA)

This attractive laptop is a great fit for anyone spending little time working from their desk with its thin design, good battery life and a screen mor

Who it's For

  • Road Warrior
  • Aspiring Creative
  • Photo Editor
  • Multitasker
  • And more!

Compared Overall

Bang for the Buck45th percentile
Versatility91th percentile
Power45th percentile
Storage Space36th percentile
Portability82th percentile
Battery Autonomy100th percentile


Operating System

Windows 11, Home Edition


15", 1920×1080(FHD, 1080p, 2.1MP), Multiple Monitor Support, OLED Display


Intel Core i5-1240P


Intel Iris Xe Graphics


8 GB


256 GB total, Media Card Reader, Solid State (very fast)


Typically sells for C$899.