Browse All Smart Devices by the Programs, Apps and Games supported.

Are you looking for a gaming rig capable to run No Man's Sky? Or are you more of a Photoshop kind of person?

If you want to select your next smart device based on how it runs that piece of software, you're at the right place! below you'll find a list of popular programs, apps, and games. Each of them offers 3 options based on how hardcore your needs are:

Compatibility ratings

Compatibility for software is determined based on their makers' recommendations. Here's what to expect from different ratings:


For systems meeting the software's minimal requirements.
This means the software will run but it might get slow when tasks grow in complexity.


For systems meeting the software's recommended specs.
This is what most people will need.


For systems exceeding recommended specifications.
This leaves some headroom for things such as mods, plug-ins or simply to complete tasks of uncommon complexity.

Different companies have different performance expectation for minimum and recommended specs. As a result, there can be quite a bit of variation in performance from one program to the next but this should still be a good reference point.

Interest List

TekAdvisor helps you keep track of how well the apps you rely on will run on smart devices as you browse. If you see a program you want to use as a reference to compare products to one another, use the and buttons below to manage your Interest List.

The number of programs displayed in search results is limited to 6, so focus on the apps you're the most curious about. Another thing to keep into account; this feature depends on cookies to work. That way, you do not need to create an account or upload that information. For more information, feel free go through TekAdvisor's Privacy Policy

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