Top Picks for the Gamer

Top Picks for the Gamer

Almost anything out there will be able to handle Farmville or Angry Birds. You, however, want to play games which are more involved and more ambitious. Sadly, you just can't spend much money to do so. You might not be able to play all games at their highest visual settings but these systems will let you play most games out there today. If the computer is upgradable, you might even be able to turn it into a much stronger PC later, when you can afford it.

Your options 9 top results, ranging in price from ∼ US$1390 to US$2090, with accessories.

Let's start with a broad search. The following offer the best value for the lowest price regardless of format preference. As a result, you will most likely see stationary computers down here and maybe a few portable options. You have the option to look for a specific kind of device at the bottom of the page.

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Looking for a laptop, tablet, smartphone or desktop computer specifically? Here are the product families in which we found options matching your needs: