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Tablets to run Clip Studio Paint on a budget.

Pricing Model Premium
Platforms Chrome OS, Mac OS X, Windows, iOS (iPad)
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Clip Studio Paint (previously marketed as Manga Studio in North America and ComicStudio in Japan) is a family of software applications for macOS and Microsoft Windows used for the digital creation of comics and manga, developed by Celsys, a Japanese graphics software company. The current version is sold as "Clip Studio Paint Pro", and "Clip Studio Paint EX", which adds support for multi-page documents and other features. Earlier versions were packaged as "Debut" and "EX" varieties.


Animation, Page Layout Editor, Raster Graphics Editor, Vector Graphics Editor


3D Drawing Reference Tools, Animation, Brushes, Colouring, Creative, Free Trial, Hand-Drawn, Lettering, Page Layout, Stroke Brushes, Toning, eBook Authoring

Pricing and Current Offers

Compatible Tablets

The following Tablets meet the minimal system requirements set by Clip Studio Paint's developers. So it should run, but you might experience slowdowns when working with larger, heavier files.

Matches are sorted by price, so if what you see doesn't match your expectations and you can afford to pay more, feel free to move on to the next page.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (VDH-00001)

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (VDH-00001)

The Surface Pro is worth considering if you must have a fully-featured Windows tablet that's both easy to carry and packs a long-lasting battery.


Performance in selected Apps

Clip Studio Paint40th percentile

Who it's For

  • Casual Nomad
  • Multitasker
  • Casual Worker

Compared Overall

Bang for the Buck45th percentile
Versatility35th percentile
Power45th percentile
Storage Space18th percentile
Portability91th percentile
Battery Autonomy87th percentile



12", 2736×1824(2736 × 1824, 5MP), Multiple Monitor Support


Intel Core i3-1005G1


Intel UHD Graphics


4 GB, Dual-Channel


128 GB total, Media Card Reader, Solid State (very fast)


Typically sells for C$799. You could save 3% right now.