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Smartphones to run Photopea on a budget.

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Release Date 2019-07-02
Pricing Model Open Source
Platforms Android, Android (Amazon App Store), Chrome OS, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, iOS
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Modern photo editors (GNU Gimp, Adobe Photoshop, Zoner Photo Studio) are usually native apps, which have to be downloaded and installed on the device. It takes [a] pretty long time to turn them on and off. It may bother you, e.g. when you just want to resize a photo. Adobe Photoshop, which is very often used by many professionals, is also quite expensive.

Because photo editors are native apps, it is hard to find any good editor for some minority operating systems. Some users may even buy some specific operating system just to be able to run the photo editor. Photo Pea should remove all these problems.


Photo Editor, Raster Graphics Editor, Vector Graphics Editor


2D, Brushes, Colouring, Creative, Filters, Guides, Layers, Lettering, Lightweight, Precise Measurements, Toning, Typography

Current Offers

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Compatible Ready-Made Systems

The following Smartphones meet the minimal system requirements set by Photopea's developers. So, it should run, but you might experience slowdowns when working with larger, heavier files.

Matches are sorted by price, so if what you see doesn't match your expectations and you can afford to pay more, feel free to move on to the next page.

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