Release Date 2017-07-25
Developer People Can Fly
Publisher Epic Games
Engine Unreal Engine 4

The paid-for product Fortnite provides two distinct modes: access to Fortnite Battle Royale (which is also available as a separate free-to-play title) and the cooperative player-versus-environment "Save the World", which is unique to the main Fortnite game.

The "Save the World" mode is described as a co-op sandbox survival game and is about exploration, scavenging items, crafting weapons, building fortified structures, and fighting waves of encroaching monsters. Tim Sweeney, Epic's founder, described the game as "Minecraft meets Left 4 Dead". The game plays in a third-person perspective and cycles between managing one's resources at a safe home base, and then going out on missions to complete quests as to collect resources and obtain rewards to advance the game's story.

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Action, Battle Royale, Building, Multiplayer-Focused, Survival


1st Person, 3D, 3rd Person, Class System, Cross-platform Multiplayer, DRM: Online Connection Required, Early Access, Large Scale Multiplayer, Micro-Transaction, Multiple Editions, Online Multiplayer, PvE, PvP, Scavenging & Gathering, Season Pass, Tactics, Team-Based

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