The "3 Pillars" of TekAdvisor

You might be wondering how devices are selected and rated on this site. To help clear that up, here are TekAdvisor’s main values.

Calm, Helpful Advice

Enough with the Hype

Buying a new gadget is exciting enough; you don’t need me to add to it. I aim to be helpful and informative; I want to help you reason your upcoming purchase and I feel that playing the hype “strings” would go against that.

I’ll let you know what I think of the gadgets on my site but, my focus is to let you know how devices compare to similar options.

Longevity and Ease of Maintenance Matters

Technology ages quickly as it is; however, devices built to make repairs and upgrades difficult exacerbate the issue.

You might not be the electronics-fiddling type, but options remain important. When needs change or problems happen, bringing your device to the shop can be your best course of action.

Device longevity is one of the determining factors used to rate its value.

Your new Purchase should not come Bundled with Malware

Almost every computer on the market comes bundled with software you won’t ever use. That’s already inconvenient enough without adding the threat of pre-installed malware.

It wouldn’t be realistic to filter out every computer bundled with bloatware, but at least we’ll stay clear from the nasty stuff.

No Technology Acumen Required

Keeping it Simple

I’ll be covering only products which can be ordered as-is and will work out of the box. You might need to buy a few cables and a few accessories, but assembly will be kept to a minimum. It’s not that custom-built systems aren’t good; They’re just harder to shop for.

Tried and Tested Rather than Cutting Edge

If something is so new that it requires explanation, I might write an article about it but won’t be adding them to the recommendation engine.

For similar reasons, I won’t be rushing into new devices and new generations of hardware. I will wait until I have sufficient data on their capabilities to recommend them with confidence.

This should help set expectations for TekAdvisor and answer a few questions you might have about what I’m doing here.

Immediately Applicable

Let’s Focus on our Reality

It’s pretty frustrating to get excited about a new product only to discover it’s not available to you (and might never be). That’s something Canadian tech enthusiasts sadly have to go through on a regular basis.

Not here; nothing makes it on the site until it’s up for sale in Canada.

Here and Now

There’s always something better on the horizon in technology. I’ll be focussing on what can be done today. After all, not all iterations have brought tangible improvements in the past and the end of a device’s shelf life can be the best times to buy it.

For those reasons, I’m staying clear of products which:

  • can only be pre-ordered
  • are available on invitation only
  • need to be specially imported